Always Expect the Unexpected

Dirk Jan Menkveld

November 2, 2018

Until now there was no need for a parent company. Everything was just running smoothly from the lower lands, also known as the Netherlands. From 2006 on we’ve been operating with from Amsterdam, the capitol, where we’ve been covering all FIFA and UEFA end tournaments. The Football Fantasy game was focussed on all Football fans situated the Netherlands.

In 2016 things changed when the Dutch squad was not able to qualify for EURO 2016, this impacted the platform where growth was not realised. Still, fans remained enthusiastic and the game made the tournament much more fun. When the Dutch squad also didn’t qualify for FIFA 2018 it was time to change things.

Our neighbours, the Red Devils, were doing really good ranking 1st the FIFA World Ranking where they had the best players. So, for us it was a logical decision to expand to Belgium where we launched and Soon, users started to subscribe, so why shouldn’t we also launch in the UK, France, Germany and Spain?

When localising you’re facing different challenges. The first and most simple problem we were facing was translating ‘Football Fantasy’ for each country so users would understand our proposition. To give an example, for a Dutch guy it was simple to define the proposition in the Netherlands where ‘Football Fantasy’ is translated and known as ‘WK Pool’. But, where they speak the same language in Belgium, it is known as ‘WK Pronostiek’. We’re still improving our proposition for each country.

Now, you’ll probably understand why there’s a need for a parent company. Welcome at Yosoku Games. Finding a name for a new company is very difficult. After brainstorming we’ve decided to translate ‘prediction’ into several languages and go with the Japanse version. Its brief, its

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.

Oscar Wild This concludes my welcome word with a short brief history of Yosoku. Please feel free to respond by dropping us a line via the contact form.